Celebrating the Magnitude of the Moment

Installation Photo

Installation Photo by Stuart Westmorland

Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker
Frye Art Museum Director

Welcome to the new Mw [Moment Magnitude] blog, which will be updated regularly by the artists it honors, the Curatorial Collective who conceived the project, and visitors and participants who want to celebrate this moment in Seattle over the next three months.

Visit this website and the Museum often to stay in touch. Mw [Moment Magnitude] is in a state of permanent transformation and changes from day to day. Don’t miss any of the spectacular events that are planned in the weeks and months ahead.

In the name of the entire Curatorial Collective, I would like to thank the artists of Mw [Moment Magnitude] for celebrating the Magnitude of this Moment. You can read more about each of the artists in the exhibition by clicking the Artists tab on this page.

Joshua Kohl, Ryan Mitchell, Doug Nufer, and Yoko Ott, my distinguished colleagues and co-curators of Mw [Moment Magnitude] have each played a key role in Seattle in terms of his/her own production. Above all, they are selfless in their support of exceptional artists of all generations in our city.

Mw [Moment Magnitude] has no limiting paradigm. It is an experiment, an experiment in uncertain outcomes and in creativity under conditions of extreme constraint. It relinquishes the idea of an exhibition that does not change, that has a beginning and an end. Instead it embraces the idea of a living exhibition that is in constant transformation. It imagines and makes real a museum that supports the production of art, as well as exhibits it.

I would like to acknowledge the Trustees of the Frye Art Museum who embrace the idea of a Museum that moves beyond its walls and reaches out to its community, a museum that is committed to the highest ideals of artistic practice and experimentation. This is not self-evident and is not the path one would expect in a time of economic uncertainty. We are blessed as an organization, and as a city, to have civic leaders who create both the physical and the intellectual space for artists to be exceptional. It’s a gift, a gift to the city, and to each one of us who visit, or work at, the Frye.