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The Unicorn Incorporated: Curtis R. Barnes
June 14–September 21, 2014
The first museum exhibition to celebrate the work and career of Seattle artist Curtis R. Barnes. For over six decades, Barnes has worked as an artist, illustrator, muralist, and community advocate. In his sculpture, painting, and drawing, he employs imagery derived from his vast experience, mystical erudition, and heritage.
Your Feast Has Ended: Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes, Nicholas Galanin, and Nep Sidhu
June 14–September 14, 2014
In this exhibition, artists Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes, Nicholas Galanin, and Nep Sidhu offer a visual cogitation exploring continuum, identity, ritual, and adornment and signal that natural, cultural and human resources have been appropriated, exploited, suppressed, depleted, or eradicated.
Frye Salon
September 21, 2013–September 14, 2014
The fall 2013 season at the Frye Art Museum opens with Frye Salon, a re-staging of the Founding Collection as it was installed in the home gallery of Charles and Emma Frye.