Frye Art Museum

Past Exhibitions



Pan: A Graphic Arts Time Capsule of Europe 1895-1900

1900: Adornment for the Home and Body

Future Ruins: Rodrigo Valenzuela

Jessika Kenney: Anchor Zero


Pan Gongkai: Withered Lotus Cast in Iron


Your Feast Has Ended: Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes, Nicholas Galanin, and Nep Sidhu

The Unicorn Incorporated: Curtis R. Barnes

Aaron Flint Jamison: Veneer 10 of 18

Mark Tobey and Teng Baiye: Seattle/Shanghai

Isamu Noguchi and Qi Baishi: Beijing 1930

Andy Graydon: The Findings


Jason Hirata: Optium LH-3m

Franz von Stuck

Mark Mitchell: Burial

Joshua Kohl

Frye Salon

The Hudson Flows West



Chamber Music

36 Chambers

Nicolai Fechin


Mw [Moment Magnitude]

Favorites: The Frye Founding Collection

Helmi Juvonen: Dispatches to You (R.S.V.P.)

Liu Ding’s Store: Take Home and Make Real the Priceless in Your Heart

“The Perfection of Good-Nature”: Frye Founding Collection

Ties That Bind: American Artists in Europe

Susie J. Lee: Of Breath and Rain

Li Chen: Eternity and Commoner

Beloved: Pictures at an Exhibition


Isaac Layman—Paradise

Gabriel von Max: Be-tailed Cousins and Phantasms of the Soul

Degenerate Art Ensemble


Picturing a Passion


Séance: Albert von Keller and the Occult

Implied Violence: Yes and More and Yes and Yes and Why

Ida Kay Greathouse: A Tribute

Northern Latitudes: The Frye and Alaska

On Arctic Ice: Fred Machetanz

Frye-Bruhn and Alaska

A Day in Skaguay


The Seattle Project: The Center School Connection

Tim Rollins and K.O.S.: A History

The Seattle Project: Public Belongings

The Seattle Project: I Wish I Knew Who I Was Before I Was Me

Tim Rollins and K.O.S. in Conversation with the Bronx Museum Teen Council


The Old, Weird America: Folk Themes in Contemporary Art

Open Roads and Bedside Tables: American Modernism in the Frye Collection

Living Legacy

Education Wing Exhibition – Soft Glowing Light: Viewing Art in the Home of Charles and Emma Frye

The Puppet Show

Bringing Munich Home: Selections from the Frye Founding Collection

Over Julia’s Dead Body: Gabriel von Max’s Mystics and Martyrs

Education Wing Exhibition – Shades of Grey: WAEA Student Exhibition

The Munich Secession and America

Transatlantic: American Artists in Germany

Nathalie Djurberg


Education Wing Exhibition–Happiness Mapped on Their Faces, Curiosity the Twinkling Eye’s Course


Napoleon on the Nile: Soldiers, Artists, and the Rediscovery of Egypt

Gaze: Vision, Desire, and Difference in the Frye Collections

Oliver Herring | Task

Education Wing Exhibition – Repeat—The Sampling and Storytelling Remix

Education Wing Exhibition – Blip the Blorp

Dario Robleto: Alloy of Love

Heaven is Being a Memory to Others

Fluxfilm Anthology, 1962-1970

Education Wing Exhibition – Changing Relationships

Education Wing Exhibition – Clicks and Cuts: Sound Retooled

R. Crumb’s Underground


Education Wing Exhibition – Somewhere Better Than This Place | Nowhere Better Than This Place

Dreaming the Emerald City: The Collections of Charles and Emma Frye and Horace C. Henry

Hug: Recent Work by Patricia Piccinini

Yvonne Twining Humber: Modern Painter

Education Wing Exhibition – Metaphorically Speaking

David C. Kane: Fiat Mambo

Anxious Objects: Willie Cole’s Favorite Brands

Education Wing Exhibition – The Art of Poetry: In A Word, Sin


Frye Future

Education Wing Exhibition – My Place

Life After Death: New Leipzig Paintings from the Rubell Family Collection


Education Wing Exhibition – Pieces of Clothing

I Love My Time, I Don’t Like My Time: Recent Work by Erwin Wurm

Education Wing Exhibition – Visual Diaries: Imagined Landscapes

Little Women, Little Men: Folk Art Portraits of Children from the Fenimore Art Museum

Henry Darger: Highlights from the American Folk Art Museum

Trimpin: Klompen

Spectatorship & Desire: Love

Robert Yoder: Sluice Gate

Ginnungagap: Recent Work by Sigrid Sandström

Amy Helfand: Modern Nature

Robyn O’Neil

Swallow Harder: Selections from the Ben and Aileen Krohn Collection

Candida Höfer: Architecture of Absence


The Walser Greathouse Legacy

Tracy + The Plastics 101

Acting Out: Claude Cahun and Marcel Moore

William Cumming: The Image of Consequence

Frye Modern

Spectatorship & Desire: Lust

Oliver Herring: Taking and Making

The RetroFuturistic Universe of NSK

Celebrity Soul: Lenbach’s Portraits

joseph park | moon beam caress

Alan Magee: Paintings, Sculptures, Graphics

An Economy of Specific Bodies and Particular Objects: Philip Pearlstein Drawings


Wondertoonel: Paintings by Mark Ryden

Spectacular Requiem: Paintings by Henk Pander

Education Wing Exhibition – Historical Photographs from the Museum Archives

From Lake Union to the Louvre: The Art of Paul Morgan Gustin

Scott Goodwillie: Figuring the Forces

Natural Sites: American Landscape Painting from the Permanent Collection

Eloquent Vistas: The Art of 19th Century American Landscape Photography

Education Wing Exhibition – Girl Scout Badge Program

Prints, Drawings, and Watercolors from the Permanent Collection

Scott Fraser: Still Lifes with Magic and Mystery

Here I Am! Passages in Portraiture: Selections from the Permanent Collection

Education Wing Exhibition – The Poetry of Art

The Expanding Universe of David Horsey: 25 Years of Editorial Cartoons

Another Look: Frye Viewpoints

Education Wing Exhibition – The Edible Image: Food as Inspiration for Art


Heartland: Paintings by Bo Bartlett

Zhi Lin: Crossing History/Crossing Cultures

Watermarks: Tony Foster’s Watercolor Diaries

Education Wing Exhibition – Frames at the Frye

Legacies of Russia at the Frye: Drawings and Paintings from the Permanent Collection

Education Wing Exhibition – Works of Summer Students

Viewpoints 20: Quiet Places, Reflective Moments: The Art of Del Gish

Imperial Collection: Women Artists from the State Hermitage Museum

The Essential Woman: Works on Paper from the Permanent Collection

The Imagined Woman: David Bennett Miniatures

Education Wing Exhibition – Works by Frye Art Museum Studio Instructors

The Shapes of Inspiration: Avard Fairbanks Sculpture

One World, One Vision: The Photographs of Art Wolfe

Education Wing Exhibition – The Poetry of Art

New Temperaments

Education Wing Exhibition – Washington Art Education Student Show

Path of the Sun: The World of Teng Chiu

In Line With Al Hirschfeld: A Retrospective

Northwest Women Photographers Juried Exhibition


Old Friends and New Acquaintances

Pioneer Women Photographers

Viewpoints 19: Jim Phalen: Undercurrents of the Commonplace

Education Wing Exhibition – Out of the Blue: The Day a Bomber Fell on the Frye

The Wyeth Family: Newell Convers, Andrew, and Jamie

Fairfield Porter: A Life in Art 1907-1975

Generations: The Artistic Heritage of Rockwell Kent

Viewpoints 18: Painting on the Edge: The Art of William Beckman

The Perception of Appearance: A Decade of Contemporary American Figure Drawing

Artifice and Representation: Paintings by Gabrielle Bakker and Gloria DeArcangelis

Viewpoints 17: Beyond Reason: Paintings and Monotypes by Mark Spencer

An American in Europe: The Photography Collection of Baroness Jeane von Oppenheim

Viewpoints 16: The Urbane Cityscapes of Frederick Brosen

The Frye at Fifty: Five Decades of Collecting

The Character of the Northwest: Prints and Paintings by Eustace Ziegler


Where Land Meets Water: Selections from the Charles & Emma Frye Collection

The Russian Connection: Fechin, Bongart and Gaspard

Witness & Legacy: Contemporary Art About the Holocaust

Northwest Views: Selections from the SAFECO Collection

Hollywood Celebrity: Edward Steichen’s Vanity Fair Portraits

Gary Faigin: Tradition & Contradiction

Scenes of American Life: Treasures from the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Little Chief: The Comic Art of Brummett Echohawk

Recent Acquisitions: Prints

Viewpoints 14: Domenic Cretara: Portals

Heightened Realities: The Monotypes of Ruth Weisberg

Doug Safranek: City Illuminations

Allan Rohan Crite: Artist-Reporter of the African American Community

American Masters from the Permanent Collections

Recent Acquisitions: 1995 - 2000

Violet Oakley: Artist and Illustrator

Etched in Memory: Women Printmakers from the Gladys Engel Lang and Kurt Lang Collection

The Female Mystique

Lilian Broca: Mirrors and Reflections


Mary Tift: Memorabilia

Representing LA: Pictorial Currents in Contemporary Southern California Art

Viewpoints 12: Robert Van Vranken: Silent Paintings

Stephen Fisher: Chimeras

Tony Foster: Worldviews

Viewpoints 11: Shelley Jordon: Revealing Beauty

This Flowering Earth: The Etchings and Drawings of Helen Loggie

Winold Reiss: Native American Portraits

The Northwest Watercolor Society Celebrates Sixty Years: A Retrospective Exhibition

The Seventh Continent: Paintings of Antarctica by David Rosenthal

Graham Nickson: Dual Natures

On the Road with Thomas Hart Benton: Images of a Changing America

Robert Schwartz: Enigmas and Seductions

A Little Frye History

Rumination of Bovidae

Viewpoints 10: Lisa Zwerling: Primitive Mysteries

Donald Barton: An American Abroad

Robert McCurdy: Four Portraits

This Tranquil Land: Hudson River Paintings from the Hersen Collection

Patrick Huse: Rift


John Swihart: A Place Apart

Rie Muñoz at the Frye: One Hundred Original Watercolors

Kristin Capp: Hutterite Photographs

Art in the Age of Queen Victoria: Treasures from the Royal Academy of Arts

Viewpoints 9: At 60: Norman Lundin Landscapes and Still Lifes

Thomas William Jones: Three Decades of Watercolor

John Register: A Retrospective

Earthscape: Artists in Alaska’s Copper River Delta

A Visual Reflection: Photographs by Richard Buswell

Celebrating Women in the Arts

Carlo Maria Mariani: The Mysterious Enchantment of Beauty

The Hermitage Group: Paintings from the Russian Soul

Carol Anthony: A Place of Inner Stillness

Viewpoints 8: Steven Assael: A Decade of Painting and Drawing

Carol Mothner: The Contemplative Object

Robert Henri and His Circle: Selections from the Permanent Collection

William Keith: California’s Poet Painter


Looking at People Looking at Art: Photographs by Marvin Albert

Saga of the West: Selections from the Charles M. Russell Museum

The Russian Connection: Nicolai Fechin, Leon Gaspard, and Sergei Bongart

Snuff Bottles

Melville Holmes: Old Master Dialogues

Children of the Yellow Kid: The Evolution of the American Comic Strip

Viewpoints 7: Stan Washburn: Museum Images and A Moral Alphabet of Vice and Folly

Jessica Dunne: Monotypes

Director’s Choice: American & European Masters from the Museum Collections

Another Look: The Paintings of Pieter van Veen

Alphonse Mucha: The Spirit of Art Nouveau

Viewpoints 6: Elisse Pogofsky-Harris: Spirits, Wolves & Metaphors

Janette K. Hopper: Images of Conscience

First Impressions: Drawings and Watercolors from the Permanent Collections

Celebrating American Poetry


Viewpoints 5: David Ligare: The Classical Impulse

William Allik: Contemporary Parables

The Circle of Lyon: 7 French Painter of Reality

Viewpoints 4: Andrew Raftery: The Narrative Impulse

Black on White: Graphic Art from the Museum Collections


The Lure of Alaska: Paintings, Watercolors, and Graphics from the Permanent Collection

Leslie Morgan: Nectar of Night Seed of Day

Viewpoints 3: George Fischer: Passages

The Art of Vaslav Nijinsky

Silent Voices: Art of the Fremont Culture

Viewpoints 2: Richard Whitten: Invisible Cities

American Masters from the Permanent Collection

Byron Bratt: Mezzotints

Contemporary American Marine Art: American Society of Marine Artists

Czech and Slovak Photography: From Between the Wars to the Present

Michael Flanagan: Trains of Thought

American Art from the Currier Gallery of Art

Viewpoints 1: Melissa Weinman: Saints’ Stories

The Prints of Roi Partridge

An American Dynasty: Three Generations of Art by the Wyeth Family

Two American Visionaries: Ralph Blakelock and Elliott Daingerfield

Old Master Existentialism: Recent Paintings by Odd Nerdrum