Exhibitions Open

Frye Salon, Joshua Kohl, Mark Mitchell: Burial

Saturday, September 21, 2013
11:00am – 5:00 pm

Frye Salon
September 21, 2013–September 21, 2014
The fall 2013 season at the Frye Art Museum opens with Frye Salon, a re-staging of the Founding Collection as it was installed in the home gallery of Charles and Emma Frye.
Joshua Kohl
September 21, 2013–October 20, 2013
Episode 1 in Frye Salon 2013–14 Season
Joshua Kohl, composer and co-artistic director of Seattle’s renowned Degenerate Art Ensemble premieres new compositions commissioned by the Frye Art Museum, some incorporating elements of his father’s poetry and writings, which includes a live performance and sound installation.
Mark Mitchell: Burial
September 21, 2013–October 20, 2013
Episode 2 in Frye Salon 2013-14 Season
Addressing ceremony and tribute, transformation and release, Mark Mitchell: Burial presents ensembles to clothe the dead. Each was inspired by, and created for, the nine muse/models who will present the collection in a live performance followed by an exhibition of the ensembles.