Masters Re-Mastered

Lecture with Rebecca Albiani

Thursday, November 20, 2014
7:00 – 8:00 pm


Tickets will be sold at the museum beginning at 6 pm.

In a special lecture, art historian Rebecca Albiani presents a history of master copying from its origins to contemporary practice that gives us valuable insight into the creative process of the copyists. At the end of the lecture, Albiani will be joined by Juliette Aristides, artist and Classical Atelier Instructor from Gage Academy of Art, who will discuss how copying works of art enriches student learning.

The tradition of artists making copies of master paintings is to be found in many cultures including those of Europe and China. Rubens, for example, made copies of Titian’s canvases, and in the nineteenth century Delacroix turned to Rubens’ Marie de Medici series for effects he wanted in his Barque of Dante. Later in the century, both Manet and Cezanne would copy Barque of Dante. Degas was an enthusiastic copyist of the Old Masters, and the Franz von Lenbach made superb copies after Titian.

This lecture is offered in conjunction with Re-Mastered, a pilot program at the Frye during which advanced level students from the Atelier program at Gage Academy of Art copy paintings in #SocialMedium, an exhibition of paintings from the Frye Founding Collection which have been crowd-curated by citizen curators from around the globe.

Eugène Delacroix. The Barque of Dante , 1822. Oil on canvas. 189 cm × 246 cm (74 in × 95 in).


$10 members/students/seniors
$15 non-members


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