Frank in the 3rd Dimension – Video Exhibition Closes

Jim Woodring

Sunday, October 18, 2015
11:00am – 5:00 pm

On view September 24–October 18, 2015

Frye Galleries

The premiere of Frank in the 3rd Dimension by Jim Woodring is a 3D video exhibition of illustrations.

This series of anecdotal tableaus was created to develop and refine concepts for use in various projects involving the generic anthropomorph Frank. Like the luminous discharge tubes of the nineteenth century, these drawings were made to be stared at and pondered over. When 3-D maestro Charles Barnard agreed to convert the drawings into anaglyph images, I knew the resulting dioramas would be more expressive of the images' meaning and intent. And so it proved to be.
—Jim Woodring

About the artist

Jim Woodring's groundbreaking use of cartooning to express personal and metaphysical experiences has earned him worldwide recognition as a master of anecdotal drawing. He works in pen and ink, watercolor, oil, charcoal, machinery, and the written word. His art has appeared in publications, exhibitions, and performances across much of the world, including Carnagie Hall, The Walker Art Center, The Sydney Opera House, and The Louvre. He is the author of numerous award-winning books; his wordless graphic novel FRAN received the 2014 Lynd Ward Book Prize.

Jim Woodring. Still from Frank in the 3rd Dimension, 2015. Pen drawings by Jim Woodring, 3D conversions by Charles Barnard. 3D digital video. Courtesy of the artist and Fantagraphics Books.