Future Seattle: A People’s Forum

Cary Moon

Saturday, November 21, 2015
12:00 – 4:00 pm

Session 1: 12–1:30 pm
Session 2: 2:30–4 pm

Cities make and remake themselves. Future Seattle: A People's Forum is a big loud civic conversation, a pragmatic first attempt to understand Seattle's current flux. The goal of the forum is to assemble a shared vision via moderated discussions around five key questions: how to make Seattle a city that is welcoming, diverse, inclusive, creative, and committed to shared prosperity.

Cary Moon has organized eight sessions: two each on October 31, November 1, November 21, and November 22. In each session a group of thirteen invited guests, representing a diverse cross section of Seattle, will discuss in front of an audience how to achieve the shared vision of a better Seattle. The audience will not participate in the discussion but will listen and bear witness. Note takers for each group will record the discussion and provide the moderators with a detailed summary. At the end of each session, audience members may share ideas and observations with the group.

Session 1 Participants

Ruth Eller, Alvin Eller, Cathryn Vandenbrink, Michelle Habell-Palan, Martha Tesema, Taylor Brown, Courtney Sheehan, Jonathan Konkol, Fern Renville, Paulina A Wilkowska, Tracy Williams, Jennifer Lynne Butte Dahl, Christopher Ross

Session 2 Participants

Sharon Arnold, Natasha Varner, James Gore, Monica Ng, Jill Lessig, Anita Yandle, Alana Bell, Stephanie Noren, Monique Franklin, Sonny Nguyen

About Cary Moon

Cary Moon received the Genius award from The Stranger—sort of as a lark—in 2007. The awards were pretty new, and the political writers then (Josh Feit and Erica C Barnett) decided to award the way Moon’s organization shifted the viaduct replacement debate and offered a sensible solution to rebuilding a highway. That particular special Political Genius award hasn’t happened since. Cary Moon is a landscape and urban designer and former engineer.

Photo: Charles Peterson