Conversations in the Stratosphere

Ishmael Butler and Nep Sidhu

Thursday, January 7, 2016
6:00 – 7:30 pm


An artist talk by Ishmael Butler and Nep Sidhu, introduced by Frye Art Museum Educator Negarra A. Kudumu. The artists will pose questions to one another for an open-ended dialog highlighting their personal engagement with the life and work of Malcolm X and the inspiration and impact it has had on the making of SonicArchiTextile.

“Ishmael Butler and I came together to create an aural visual installation known as SonicArchiTextile inspired by, and exemplary of, one of the most transformative individuals of our time—Malcolm X. Leveraging the sacred through unseen protocols, seeking truth by creating spaces that favors feeling over materiality, we have created a work that goes far beyond tribute. Rather, we have materialized the essence of transformational energy, and harnessed it.”
—Nep Sidhu

About the artists

Ishmael Butler is a Grammy-winning rapper and producer of Sub Pop's Shabazz Palaces, previously of alternative hip hop trio Digable Planets, and currently a member of Black Constellation. Frye Art Museum presented Ishmael Butler in performance as part of Black Constellation in Mw [Moment Magnitude], 2012 and again during Your Feast has Ended, 2014.

Nep Sidhu’s art practice resides along a continuum comprised of conceptual and technical components originating from antiquity, with relevance for the present. To date, Sidhu has produced large-scale explorations around ancestor veneration, the divine feminine, and the intersection of myth and history. Paradise Sportif, Sidhu’s investigation into vestment and textile, discloses the ideal conduct for maximum sustainability in contemporary spaces. Here, the guiding principle is protect and exalt. His sculptural practice combines language, light-baring materials, and incantation thus creating a third space that unifies endless parallels and possibilities. Nep Sidhu is one of three artists whose work was exhibited in Your Feast has Ended, 2014.

Poster design: Nep Sidhu and Todd Westendorp