Film Flights

Film with Scarecrow Video

Saturday, December 19, 2015
1:00 – 4:00 pm

Let your senses soar and your imagination roam free as we take you on two distinct journeys through the wonderful world of film.

Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen
Director: György Pálfi, 2012. DVD, 85 minutes

The journey begins with Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen. Films tell stories. This unique screening is comprised of countless film clips to tell one story-maybe everyone's story, the universal story. This rare feature film is only available as a supplement to a textbook for a Hungarian film class. Due to the licensing rights for all the clips it sources, it is unlikely this film will ever be available commercially. In it we travel through time-from the 1920s to present day-and around the globe. We encounter familiar scenes and movies not yet explored. This film truly has something for everybody!

During a brief intermission, one of Scarecrow's cinematic experts will be on site to answer your questions about the films.

Viva VHS!
2009. DVD-R, approx. 60 minutes

Next we enter the bygone days, when VHS was king, in Viva VHS!. We've delved back into our archives to unearth more forgotten gems and mind-blowing revelations of magnetic mayhem for this special rewound and recut salute to this now-neglected medium. We celebrate the shining memory of mom-and-pop video stores and the vanishing magic of home videocassettes. Get ready to slip into a world of nostalgia and explore the cinematic oddities that can only be found on ½" videotape!

—Scarecrow Video

This program contains mature content and is not suitable for audiences under 18.

Poster for Viva VHS!, 2009. Design: Marc Palm. Courtesy of the artist and Scarecrow Video.