impossible monument (flotsam) - Installation Opens

Mary Ann Peters

Tuesday, November 10, 2015
11:00am – 5:00 pm

On view November 10, 2015-January 10, 2016

impossible monument (flotsam) is an invented afterimage of the movement of refugees across bodies of water. It is based on documentation of what the refugees carry with them and what they leave behind. Lemons, an unexpected inclusion, are used to offset seasickness. My series, "impossible monuments", refers to everyday events and objects that deserve reverence, but most likely will never be acknowledged. In this way I honor the peril and courage of people on-the-move.

My special thanks to Lisa and Steve at The Net Shed.

—Mary Ann Peters

About the Artist

Mary Ann Peters is an artist whose work includes studio pieces, installations, and public art projects. Painting is a consistent vehicle for her ideas. Using an episodic approach, she looks for seemingly disparate elements that can coalesce and redefine a topic. Architecture, science, heritage, politics, and questions of perception have all been referenced in her work. Most recently her pieces have focused on Syrian and Lebanese culture, using contemporary events and lost histories for a series titled "impossible monuments".

She is also noted for her activism regionally and nationally. Her involvements include a national board advocating for First Amendment rights and the arts (National Campaign for Freedom of Expression), working in women's prisons (KTF: the Prison Project), and as a contemporary art center founder (Center on Contemporary Art). She lives and works in Seattle, Washington.

Mary Ann Peters. impossible monument (flotsam), 2015. Mixed media. Courtesy of the artist and James Harris Gallery. Photo: Mark Woods