This Is Who We Are: A Conversation on Land, Migration and our Interconnected Identities

Discussion with Inye Wokoma and Negarra A. Kudumu

Thursday, August 25, 2016
6:30 – 8:00 pm

Reconciling the tensions that emerge out of how we experience land, lineage, tradition and migration form the heart of Inye Wokoma’s video installation This Is Who We Are.  As a deeply personal meditation on these themes, Wokoma confronts the contradictions of resisting displacement on land where the indigenous people, the Duwamish, remain landless.

Out of this mediation questions emerge related to the new reality of global migrations: 
What does it mean when migration becomes the norm and connections to land, space and identity are impacted? How does migration inform one’s experience in a new place? How is our collective sense of identity influenced when communities are constantly in flux? How do we engage in processes of global amalgamation? When land is appropriated for new populations and uses, what is our relationship and responsibility to what existed there before?

Using the Buffalo Soldiers as a metaphor to underscore the uncertainty inherent in these questions, artist Inye Wokoma and Frye Art Museum Educator Negarra A. Kudumu will engage in an open-ended discussion highlighting the complex relationships between identity, land, colonization, spirituality, place and family.

Inye Wokoma. Still from This Is Who We Are, 2016. Two-channel video installation. Courtesy of the artist.