The Interim: Recording Booth Reservations

Frye Art Museum

A message from Christopher Paul Jordan:

The Interim is a time-capsule created for Black folks living today to send our uninterrupted and unedited voices, feelings, and stories to our loved ones in the future. This is a space for memory, for prophecy, and for truth.

The Interim is an audio and video recording booth, collecting stories from members of our community. These stories are instantly digitally locked and encrypted and will stay that way beneath the soil of the Frye for the next century.

If you are Black and would like to participate in recording a message to the future, I welcome you to join us! Please use the button above to select a recording date.

In love and community,

Christopher Paul Jordan

Reservation Information

Online reservation slots are provided in three-week intervals. To arrange a date further in advance, please leave a message with Visitor Services at (206) 622-9250, or email There is one available recording session each day the museum is open to the public. Once you submit your reservation form, you will receive an emailed confirmation of your reservation with additional details. Please see below for a list of FAQs about the project.


What is the window of available recording dates?
Recording sessions at the Frye are available Wednesday, March 2, through Sunday, May 15. After the exhibition concludes at the Frye, the installation will tour through a series of artist-coordinated community recording events with Black-led partner organizations. This event series is devised by the artist to maximize the community voices that can contribute to the time capsule before its burial on the Frye’s grounds in June 2023.

Why can only one person record per day?
The health and safety of all our community members is the Frye’s top priority. Given the prevalence of COVID-19 in our region at this time, hosting one recording per day allows for Frye staff to uphold health precautions that maximize the safety of everyone participating. This includes cleaning and ventilating the installation for each participant who attends to provide the safest environment possible for community members to record their stories.

Who is invited to contribute to the time capsule?
Conceived by artist Christopher Paul Jordan, The Interim is a cooperative installation dedicated to the production of Black public space, the continuation of Black oral tradition, and the facilitation of intergenerational dialogue among people of African descent across space and time. The project seeks, highlights, and focuses on the voices of Black community members.

I am participating, but I want a record of my contribution. Can I use my own recording device/smartphone in the booth?
Yes, if participants wish to have a personal copy of their recordings, they are welcome to simultaneously record from their phones. The Frye is not able to provide an audio version or transcript of individual recordings to participants.

Will people outside the booth hear me recording? Will my recording be viewed or edited by museum staff or the artist?
All recordings in the time capsule are immediately encrypted and are not viewable for Frye staff or any other individual prior to the time capsule’s unearthing in 2123. Additionally, The Interim installation is insulated with several layers of soundproofing material, both inside and outside to maximize privacy for all participants during their recording session.

Can I bring someone with me into the recording booth?
For COVID health and safety reasons, The Interim’s current occupancy is limited to one participant per day. This limit is adaptable to people who are taking care of children or needing accessibility support. We do ask that no more than two adults enter the booth for the session. If you have additional needs or questions, please leave a message with Visitor Services at (206) 622-9250, or email

What will happen to the installation between the end of the exhibition and the burial in 2023?
After the exhibition concludes at the Frye, the installation will tour through a series of artist-coordinated community recording events with partner organizations. The event series is devised by the artist to maximize the kinds of community voices that can contribute to the time capsule.

What will happen to the recordings? How will the Frye care for the recordings for 100 years without opening them?
The video and audio footage gathered in The Interim is encrypted, or digitally locked, from the very moment it is recorded, meaning that no files are readable or viewable to museum staff or any other individual. It will remain impossible to view or access the footage until 2123 when the time capsule buried on the museum grounds is unearthed and opened. Throughout the 100-year period, the encrypted data will be preserved to ensure it is maintained and adapted to future technologies.
Care will include monitoring the hard drive technology and file formats and upgrading them as necessary. The museum will also enter the hard drive in its collections database with contextual information and instructions from the artist regarding the unburial of the time capsule and release of the recordings in 2123. The museum will follow guidelines for collections care set by the American Alliance of Museums, as well as the conditions set by the artist.

How do I set up an appointment to record?
Please use the registration link above.