Rafael Soldi. Untitled, 2012. Archival Pigment Print. 20 1/4 x 16 1/4 in. Courtesy of the artist.

XXIV Rafael Soldi

Silently she’s combing,

Combing her long hair,

Silently and graciously,

With many a pretty air.

The sun is in the willow leaves

And on the dappled grass,

And still she’s combing her long hair

Before the looking-glass.

I pray you, cease to comb out,

Comb out your long hair,

For I have heard of witchery

Under a pretty air,

That makes as one thing to the lover

Staying and going hence,

All fair, with many a pretty air

And many a negligence.

           — James Joyce



Chamber Music is organized by the Frye Art Museum and curated by Scott Lawrimore. The exhibition is funded by the Frye Foundation with the generous support of Frye Art Museum members and donors. Seasonal support is provided by 4Culture, Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs, Canonicus Fund, and ArtsFund.