The Seattle Project: Public Belongings

January 23 – May 31, 2010

Initiated by the Frye in collaboration with Path with Art, an organization that works with formerly homeless adults, Public Belongings includes the work of ten adults who worked together in the Frye Art Studio over a period of twelve weeks with Path with Art teaching artists Regan Doody and Adam Doody. The participants describe and document their Seattle from the perspective of life on the street in photographs, collaged maps, video, and texts/poetry. Path with Art recognizes the creative potential in all of us and recognizes its power to heal and nurture in times of crisis. The organization honors those who have survived the trauma of homelessness or who are at risk of becoming homeless through offering opportunities to engage with supportive artistic communities, in the believe that art has the power to heal hearts and to foster the personal growth necessary to maintain a self-sufficient and stable life.

Public Belongings is a project initiated by the Frye Art Museum in collaboration with Path with Art. Path with Art teaching artists: Regan Doody and Adam Doody. Frye Art Museum project coordinator: Jill Rullkoetter. This project is funded by the Frye Foundation and the Grousemont Foundation and by Path with Art with sponsorship from 4Culture, Washington State Arts Commission, and the Norcliffe Foundation.

The Seattle Project

The Seattle Project is a series of collaborative exhibitions and projects commissioned by the Frye to celebrate the Museum’s fifty-eight year-old commitment to community outreach and art education. The Project reflects the spirit of interdisciplinary collaboration in Tim Rollins and K.O.S.: A History, and it places that exhibition in the context of the needs of our community in Seattle. Above all, it acknowledges the excellent work of partner organizations Arts Corps, Path with Art, and the Center School.

The Seattle Project also includes I Wish I Knew Who I Was Before I Was Me and The Center School Connection.

Image Credits:
Kelly Ann Garland. Without Diffraction, 2009. Digital print.
Carol Ann Hiller. Life in the Fast Lane, 2009. Digital print.
Alonda Smittie. Reflections of Time, 2009. Digital print.
Ruanda Morrison. Ode to Garland, 2009. Digital print.
Deenalynn Sackman. Half Truth, 2009. Digital print.

"The Frye Art Museum's outreach to other community groups like Arts Corps and Path with Art is fascinating, exciting, and quite unique to Seattle."

Tim Rollins, artist, KUOW-FM