Frye Salon

September 21, 2013 – September 14, 2014

The fall 2013 season at the Frye Art Museum opens with Frye Salon, a re-staging of the Founding Collection as it was installed in the home gallery of Charles and Emma Frye. Over the course of four seasons, Frye Salon will be activated by an ambitious series of episodic exhibitions, performances, screenings, and discursive programs by artists and scholars.

Episode 1

Joshua Kohl

September 21 – October 20, 2013

Episode 2

Mark Mitchell: Burial

September 21 – October 20, 2013

Episode 3

Jason Hirata: Optium LH-3m

November 22, 2013 – January 5, 2014

Episode 4

Andy Graydon: The Findings

January 23 – February 23, 2014

Episode 5

Aaron Flint Jamison: Veneer 10 of 18

May 15 – June 15, 2014

Frye Salon is organized by the Frye Art Museum and curated by Jo-Anne Birnie Danzker and Scott Lawrimore. The exhibition is funded by the Frye Foundation with the generous support of Frye Art Museum members and donors. Seasonal support is provided by 4Culture, Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, and ArtsFund.

Image Credits:
Photo: Adam Weintraub
Frye Art Gallery 1920s