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“Stories of Dementia,” a KBCS Music + Ideas feature on here:now.

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February 1, 2021

Creative Thinking (and Aging) at Frye Museum
By Julie Fanselow, 3rd Act Magazine

December 2, 2020

‘Art on the Mind’ and the movement for a dementia-friendly world
By Nuria Alina Chandra, The Daily

November 27, 2020

2020 Creative Aging Conference offers seven expert ‘Perspectives on Legacy’
By Luciano Marano,

November 23, 2020

Register now for Perspectives on Legacy Creative Aging Virtual Conference
By Katie Lamar, American Alliance of Museums blog

April 11, 2019

Are LGBTQ seniors dying of loneliness? It’s possible, research says
By Nicole Brodeur, The Seattle Times

August 29, 2018

Film conjures up past feelings for moviegoers
By Jimmy Hall,

July 19, 2018

Can community design take the loneliness and angst out of aging?
By Erika Fredrickson, Missoula Independent

February 7, 2018

Movie Magic Aids Memory Loss at the Frye Art Museum
By Natalie Monahan, The Spectator

February 5, 2018

‘Meet Me at the Movies’ program debuts Tuesday at Rose Theatre in Port Townsend
By Diane Urbani de la Paz, Peninsula Daily News

July 3, 2017

Q & A: Janelle Taylor on ‘exemplary friends’ of people with dementia
By Kim Eckart, UW News

April 21, 2017

Support grows for small agency with big reach on Trump’s budget death row
By Joe Davidson, Washington Post

November 10, 2016

Art therapy helps people living with dementia
By Alex Rozier, KING5

October 21, 2016

Frye Art Museum’s Creative Aging Programs Offer Sense of Community among an Aging Population
By The Institute of Museum and Library Services,

October 10, 2016

Interview about Creative Aging programs with Mary Jane Knecht
By Elisa Jaffe, KOMO Radio

October 5, 2016

Frye helps dementia sufferers create legacy in art
By Brandon Macz, Capitol Hill Times

July 11, 2016

A Glimpse at the Frye’s Creative Aging Programs
By Carley Schmidt, Seattle Magazine

March 14, 2016

Paint Me a Memory
By Beth Thomas Hertz, Long Term Living

February 19, 2016

Mindfulness as Medicine
By Genevieve Wanucha, UW Medicine - Memory and Brain Wellness Center

February 19, 2016

An Artistic Take on Dementia Care
By Genevieve Wanucha, UW Medicine - Memory and Brain Wellness Center

February 8, 2016

Alzheimer’s Art Exhibit Takes Away Fear, Sows Hope
By Nicole Einbinder, The Seattle Times

June 22, 2015

My Dementia Community
By Charlie Reidy, Alzheimer's Association Washington State Chapter

May 26, 2015

Saluting an Arts Patron
By Nicole Brodeur, The Seattle Times

October 1, 2014

Dementia-friendly Innovations Expand throughout King County
By Marigrace Becker, Age Wise King County

February 19, 2013

Art Program Brings Adults With Dementia and Caregivers Closer
By Abby Rhinehart, Spark, Humanities Washington Online Magazine

July 20, 2012

Alzheimer’s: Laughter and Forgetting
By Ann Hedreen, Seattle Metropolitan

July 1, 2012

King County Medical Society Bulletin
By Janelle S. Taylor, King County Medical Society Bulletin

April 13, 2012

Reconnecting Through Art
By Alyson Martin, The New York Times

April 12, 2011

Art, the Frye Museum, & Healing
By Esther Altshul Helfgott, Seattle PI

March 22, 2011

Art and the maintenance of memory, social connections
By Joe Copeland, Crosscut

March 14, 2011

Buncha Do-Gooders
By Katy McCourt-Basham, The Stranger