• 11.1
  • Thursday 5:30–6:30 pm
    Jason Conger / The Four Hoarse Men / Interrupture / Kjell Hansen
    Sound Poetry Performance

Jason Conger / The Four Hoarse Men / Interrupture / Kjell Hansen

Jason Conger
Jason Conger is artillery. He lives in a thatched hut near Austria. Jason saunters. He is the shoplifter. In his free time, when he’s not addicted to anglicizing geese, he is jumbled. He feels abstemiously about the hard tricycles. He supports the unicycles at FEMA. His favorite type of poetry is of the whale shark style; his least favorite type is of the tapir style. He dreams about squinting at the nimble glasses. When life is neither truthful nor beautiful, Jason—or J-bone—goes hunting in the Horsehead Nebula, an artery quartered beside the system.

The Four Hoarse Men
The Four Hoarse Men is a collective established to investigate a variety of sound poetries and develop pieces for enactment and re-enactment in performance. In addition to sound poems by the Canadian ensemble the Four Horsemen (from which the group took its name), they have performed original pieces and poems by Jackson Mac Low at The Breadline, the Puget Sound Poetry Festival, and the Lo-Fi Arts Festival. The group includes Greg Bem, Jason Conger, Paul Nelson, and Joe Chiveney.

Kjell Hansen
Kjell Hansen’s artistic practice is wide-ranging and sometimes burrows into odd places. His BP Canon, a baroque musical composition in the Bohlen-Pierce scale, earned him praise from the xenharmonic community as “the true pioneer of tonal BP.” His gallery exhibitions include Rustique Studios, Form/Space Atelier, and the Henry Art Gallery. Meanwhile, he has contributed in a variety of capacities to award-winning local films such as Safety Not Guaranteed, Grassroots, Eden, The Catechism Cataclysm, The Off Hours, and Late Autumn. Hansen graduated with honors from Prague Film School in 2006 and holds a 2010 BFA in digital art and experimental media from the University of Washington.

Nico Vassilakis
Nico Vassilakis is a poet living in Seattle. He can be found among a glassful of pencils.


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