Past Exhibitions (1960–1969)


Contemporary Art in Poland

Europe through American Eyes in the 19th Century

Seattle University Art Faculty: Damascus, Herard and Laigo

Three Northwest Artists: Cameron, Davis and Jenkins

Adriano Graziotti

Selections from the Emanuel Walter Collection

European Posters

Children Illustrate Fairy Tales

The Washington State High School Printmakers

American Paintings: The 1950s

Eustace P. Ziegler

A University Collects: Oregon


Frye Art Museum American Accessions

The Camera: C. Pearson

The Pencil Portrait: M. Schultz

20th National Exhibition of Prints from the Library of Congress

Seattle Co-Arts

Naive Art from Haiti

Jewelry by Sepp Schmolzer

Tapestries by Fritz Riedl

Paintings by Kathleen Houlahan

15th and 16th Century European Drawings

Objects & Atmospheres/Junk and Assemblage Sculpture


Cartoonists of the Pacific Northwest

Five Washington Women Painters Tour Arizona

American Poster: Graphic Communication in the 20th Century

Vietnamese Street Art: From the Collection of William J. Murphy

Late Works of Marsden Hartley

A Century of American Still-Life Painting

Sketches by Frederic Edwin Church

Gerald Grace: Paintings

Pacific Northwest Artists from the Permanent Collection

Shirley Weekes: Paintings

40 Under 40: Young Talent in Architecture

Peter Liashkov: Watercolors and Drawings

Del Gish: Oils


Gustav Vigeland

Photography, A Current Report (Diane Arbus, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Lee Friedlander)

Photographer and the City

Oils and Watercolors by Contemporary American Artists

Murals in Architecture (Photo panels featuring Josef Albers, Robert Indiana, Hans Hofmann, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg)

Swiss Posters

Impressions of Mexico (Artwork by Pacific Northwest artists, organized by Perry Acker)

Prints by Great Masters (Dürer, Rembrandt, Goya)

Contemporary American Drawings

Romantic Art, 1750–1900 (William Blake, Eugène Delacroix, Francisco Goya, Thomas Moran, George Morland, Richard Wilson, Francis Wheatley)

Seventeen “Naive” Painters

Earl Dudgeon

The Face of Vietnam (Photos)


Recent Landscapes by Eight Americans (John Button, Allan D’Arcangelo, Robert Dash, Jane Freilicher, Aristodemos Kaldis, Alex Katz, Christopher Lane, Jane Wilson)

World War II Posters

Realism and Reality (George Bellows, Edward Hopper, Walt Kuhn)

Oskar Kokoschka: King Lear, Apolian Journey, Hellas

Weeds: Mary Virginia Roberts

Contemporary Watercolors

American Oils and Watercolors from the Frye Art Museum Collection

Americans: Winslow Homer to George Bellows

Antonio Frasconi

The Nile: Photographs by Eliot Elisofon

Maine Artists of the 20th Century (George Bellows, Charles Ebert, Rockwell Kent, Walt Kuhn, Andrew Wyeth)

American Primitive Watercolors

20th Century American Watercolors

Sydney K. Eaton

Perry Acker: A Retrospective

Ansel Adams: The Eloquent Light


Alan C. Collier: Oils

Sergei Bongart: Impressions of Europe and Africa

The Eight

Fifty Years of American Prints

American Oils—Homer to Benton

Grigory Gluckmann

Magic Realism—What Is It?

Paul Strand: Photographs of Mexico

Prints by Mary Cassatt

Roberto Ciabani: Oils

Sculpture by Pacific Northwest Sculptors

100 Years of American Realism

Landscape Architecture

Paul Immel: Flower Paintings

Victoria Savage: Oils

Where Every Prospect Pleases: Landscape Prints

Therese Albert: Paintings

Ben Abril: Oil Paintings

Benjamin West: American Abroad


Peru—An Ancient Culture: From the Collection of Mrs. Clark Ehman

Tuscany in the 19th Century

The Road to Impressionism

Ideas in Images: 10 Contemporary Photographers

Oils by American Artists from the Permanent Collection

A Garden of Flowers: Color Reproductions of Famous Flower Paintings

George C. Bingham

Rosalyn Gale Powell: Oils

Alice G. Carey: Watercolors

As Artists See Artists

Old Master Drawings

Hummingbirds: Crawford C. Greenwalt

The Graphic Art of Edvard Munch


Twenty Americans: Gilbert Stuart to Thomas Hart Benton

R. Brownell McGrew

Sergei Bongart

American Traditional Painters: 1865–1915

Paintings by Eilshemius

A University Collects: Cornell


Brasilia—A New Capital

Two British Satirists: Hogarth and Rowlandson

Pacific Northwest Photography

André Derain

Contemporary Oils and Watercolors from the Permanent Collection

American Paintings from the Permanent Collection

Albrecht Dürer Reproductions

The American Scene between the Wars

Watercolors and Pastels from the Permanent Collection

Prize Watercolors by Pacific Northwest Artists

British Watercolors in American Collections

The Stieglitz Circle

20th Century House

American Paintings from the Permanent Collection

Dr. Albert W. DuAime: Oil Paintings

Eskimo Graphic Art

Fantasy and Surrealism in American Art

Architectural Photography

Frye Accessions 1952–1962

Paintings by Eilshemius

Man and Beast by Rembrandt

Impressions of Russia


Frye Invitational

Warren Brandon: Oil Paintings

Eleven Americans: Whistler, Eakins, Melchers, Blakelock, Twachtman, Metcalf, Hartley, Theodore Robinson, Alfred Maurer, Henri and Eilshemius

Artists of the Western Frontier

Monet and the Giverny Group

Life in the 16th Century: Engravings of Pieter Brueghel the Elder

Invitational Sculpture Exhibition: Twenty-nine Sculptors of Western Washington

James W. Washington, Jr.: Sculpture

A Tribute to Grandma Moses

Custom Weaving by Lucille Clark

Folk Painters of the Canadian West

Oils and Watercolors from the Permanent Collection

A Corporation Collects: Paintings from the Abbott Laboratories Fine Art Collection

Limoges Enamels by Lisel Salzer

International Posters

Constance W. Jarvis: Pottery

Eugène Atget in Paris: 1900–1925

Flavor and Fragrance: Rare Prints from the Minnich Collection

Thirty Years of Potting: Francis A. Ford


The Bible: Chagall’s Interpretations

Etchings by Americans

Louis Mideke: Pottery

Kiln Formed Glass by Jeanne Adams

Early Drawings by Toulouse-Lautrec

Salt Glaze Pottery by Jean Griffith and Janetta L. Nelson

Creative Engineering: The Work of Pier Luigi Nervi

Landscape Design: The Work of Dan Kiley

Gerald Grace: Oil Paintings

Fred Marshall: Paintings in Various Media

A Rationale for Modern Art

Kathleen Gemberling: Oil Paintings

Marjorie Stevens: Watercolors & Drawings

Northwest Designer—Craftsmen Exhibition

Two French Realists: Callot and Daumier

Major Works in Minor Scale: Small Paintings by 19th Century American Artists

Fifty Years of Ballet Design

Seattle Photographic Society: Favorite Photographs through the Years