Past Exhibitions (1970–1979)


Mary Elise Gray: Paintings

Ned Jacob: Drawings

Ed Maher: Acrylic Paintings

Jack Dorsey: Watercolors

Frank La Lumia: Watercolors & Oils

Twenty-Five Years of American Accessions

Charles Veteto: Portraits in Oil

Bettina Steinke and Ruth Volkmann

Kay Lamoureux Buckner Paintings

Paul Buckner Sculptures

Arne Jensen

The Alaskan Art of J. VanHoesen

Joellen Benjamin-Fay: Banners and Wall Hangings

Frank Lackaff: Oil Paintings

Trio of Photographers: Josef Scaylea, Cole Porter, Art Wolfe


Dorothy Dolph Jensen

Katalin Ehling: Batiks

Dong Kingman: Watercolors

Lisel Salzer: Limoges Enamels

Hulan Fleming: Mood Landscapes

J. Edgar Forkner

Del Gish: Paintings

Old Bergen Art Guild: New Jersey Group

Lynn St. Amand: Alaskan Watercolors and Woodcuts

Lithographs and Sculptures by Cape Dorset Eskimos

Charles M. Russell

George Montgomery

Marjorie Bruce: Watercolors

Robert Israel: Costume and Stage Design

Three Alaskan Artists: Ted Lambert, Sydney Laurence, Eustace Ziegler

Polish Textile Artists

Faraway Places: Margaret M. Martin Watercolors


Ludwig von Zumbusch: Paintings from the Frye Collection

Anatoly P. Krisochenko

Joan Arend Kickbush

David Levine

Grigory Gluckmann

William F. Reese

James Disney

Harry Bonath: Paintings

Jerri Werb

Jim Bisignano

Jack Baker: Oil Paintings

24 Pennsylvania Artists

American Accessions at the Frye

The Alaskan Scene: Oil Paintings by William D. Engles

Florence Henderson Nesbit

20 Years of Accessions from the American Watercolor Society

Sergei Bongart


Two Hundred Years of the American West: Lockwood Family Collection

Zella Shultz: Bird Paintings

Helmi Dagmar Juvonen

Ed Maher: New Zealand

Contemporary American Graphics

Old and New Favorites from the Permanent Collection

The National Association of Women Artists Traveling Oil Exhibition

Frye Accessions: Sydney Laurence, Eustace Ziegler, Ted Lambert

Phil Austin: Watercolors

J. Shirly Bothum: Bronze Sculptures

Fred Oldfield: Western Paintings

Emmett Watson Cartoons by Bob McCausland

Ken Gore

Dona Rosa Pots

Burnley School Staff

Larry Countryman

Mrs. Turner: State Flowers at the Frye Art Museum

Alice Asmar

Saddie Mattson

American Art Union: Max Lieberman

Margaret M. Martin

Nicolai Fechin


Zella Schultz: Bird Paintings

Minn Sjolseth: Reflections of Lapland

Society of Western Artists

Yasu Eguchi

Thomas Leighton and Margery Lester

Alfred Milotte: Alaska to Africa

Charles Burchfield—Master Doodler

Jeanne Stauffer Beaudry: Paintings

Paintings and Enamels by Lisel Salzer

Paintings by Donald Putman

Many Moods of My Mind: Phil H. Webber

Paintings and Collages by Flora Correa

Four Alaskan Artists: Dale DeArmond, Rie Muñoz, John Pitcher, Jean Shadrach

Paintings by Li Chi-Mao

Retrospective: Illustrations and Paintings by Gerry Abbott

Paintings by Geoffrey Lewis

Drawings by Warren Baumgarten


Paintings by Mary Schultz

Photographs by Robert Nielsen

Paintings by Donald Gray

Paintings by Jo Lynch

Ted Lambert: Alaska Artist

Paintings by Victoria Savage

The American Artist and Water Reclamation: Paintings

The Immortal Eight and the Ash Can School

Paintings by Diana Tillion

Paintings by Cecil C. Bell

Prints by Branson G. Stevenson

Paintings by Jerry Becker

Paintings by Leon F. Derbyshire

Collection of Orre Nobles

Beverly King: Paintings

“The Eye of Paris”: Photographs by Brassai

Paintings by Janet Kruskamp

Woodcuts: Blocks and Prints by Lucy Vane

Watercolors by Frederic and Eileen Monaghan Whitaker

Drawings of Iran: Gregary Chase

Wood Sculpture by Ernest Norling

Paintings by Norman Amundsen

Robert Dexter Coe and Anthony Turpin


Drawings by Edward and Joy Alexander

Paintings by Claire Fejes

Charles M. Russell

Joseph Ireland: Paintings and Drawings

Rie Muñoz

Marjorie Close

Russian Stage Design

Frye Museum Accessions

Paintings by Ramon Kelley

Florence Harrison Nesbit: Watercolors and Acrylics

Thomas William Jones

Paul Immel

Millard Sheets: International Master of Watercolor

Gunnar Anderson

Shiko Munakata: Views of the Tokaido


Watercolors by Jack E. Dorsey

Paintings by Marie Elise Gray

Paintings by Larry Countryman

Two-Man Exhibition: Paintings by Perry Acker and Rudolph Bundas

Portraits by Ray Fullmer

Original Japanese Obi Designs

American Porcelain Tradition

Fred and May Marshall

Wes Broten: Watercolors

Fred Machetanz: Alaskan Artist

Photographs by Howard Staples

Shirley Weekes: Acrylic Paintings

Oils by Leon BeRoth/Frank Evans: Sculpture in Wood

Paintings by Chao-Liang Chow

Eustace P. Ziegler

Oils by William F. Reese

Watercolors by Harry Bonath


Watercolors by George Hamilton

Herb Schraml: Oil Paintings

Arne R. Jensen

Dale De Armond: Woodblock Prints

Enamels by Hamilton P. Aaris

Creative Stitchery by Carol Wagner

William Gannon: Paintings

Society of Western Artists

Paintings by Meg Sargent

My Northwest: Photographs by Josef Scaylea

John E. Costigan Retrospective

Contemporary American Drawings IV

William Werrbach: Paintings

Charles Veteto: Portraits

Lorraine Airey: Oil Paintings


Sergei Bongart

William Evans: Alaskan Photographs

Ted Rand: Book Illustrations

Josephine Crumrine Liddell: Animal Paintings

Rembrandt Etchings and Drawings

Burnley School of Professional Art

Sydney Laurence

Watercolors by Mike Burns

Australia: The Sunburnt Country (Robert Goodman photographs)

Olive Malstrom Karl

The Art of John Held, Jr.: The Roaring Twenties

Everett Dupen: Sculpture

Minn Sjolseth-Carter and Anthony Carter

John E. Costigan: American Pastoralist: A Retrospective

Paintings by Lorraine Airey and Charles Veteto