Past Exhibitions (1980–1989)


Lisel Salzer: A Retrospective and New Work

Gene Amondson: Oils, Watercolor Paintings & Wood Carvings

Two Alaskan Artists: Sam Kimura—Photographs and Rie Muñoz—Watercolors

Ned Mueller: Paintings

Maxfield Parrish (1870–1966)

Marvin Tipp: Photographs

Sheila Savannah: Watercolors

Romance of Russia: Paintings by Della Gregory, Kaye Guerin-Mann, Joan Marron, Lois McFarland, Nina Mikhailenko, Kathleen Nelson

Toulouse-Lautrec: From the Collection of John R. Price

Doug Dawson: Pastelist

Perry Acker: A Retrospective

Jon Van Zyle: Alaskan Artwork

Ted Rand: Original Illustrations

Keren Su: Paintings & Drawings

LU Visions: Contemporary International “Art and Biscuits” Collection (Jacqueline Duhême, Milton Glaser, David Lance Goines, Raymond Savignac, Bjorn Wiinblad)

Alex Young: Reflections of Washington

Brazilian Naïve Art: Rosina Becker do Valle, Francisco Severino de Oliveira, Gerson Alves de Souza, Isabel de Jesus, Inocencio Alves dos Santos, Ivan da Silva Moraes, Rodolpho Tamanini Neto and Ivonaldo Veloso de Melo


Extremities: Art Wolfe Photography

Terry J. Melvin

Bronze Sculptures by Howard Dale

Michael Stark: Pen & Ink Drawings

Jan McGregor: Porcelain & Stoneware

Images of the Wild: The Art of Robert Bateman

Robert Kemp: Seattle Times Illustrator

Benton Scott: French Landscapes and Circus Scenes

Women of Consequence, USA/USSR: Photos by Marylu Raushenbush

Alaskan Art from the Permanent Collection

Grandma Moses: An Artist’s Legacy

Del Gish: Paintings and Drawings

Massachusetts Mutual: The Norman Rockwell Collection

Susan Pennewell Ellis: Acrylics


Claire Garoutte: Photographs

Robert Durham: Cavalcade of Watercolors

Nina Mikhailenko: Watercolors and Oils

Ray Sandberg: Alaska Scenes in Oils

Images of China: Photos by Mark Abrahamson

Nine California Stone Sculptors: Warren Arnold, Patricia Bengston Jones, Charles Kibby, John Libberton, Ralph O’Neill, Welton Rotz, Royce, TBarny, Gail Van Dyke

Del Smith: Bird Carvings

Andrew Chinn: Watercolors & Sumi

Peter Sculthorpe: Oils & Watercolors

Nabisco Brands, Inc. Cream of Wheat Art and Illustration Collection: 1900–1950

Stuart Moldrem: Portraits

Persian Artifacts from the Collection of Mrs. John P. Denham

Porcelains by Jan McGregor

Lyle Silver

Russian-American Artists from the Frye Collection

Elly Smith & Jan Kozicki: Needlework

Needle Expressions: Pacific Northwest Needle Arts Guild


Tim Holmes: Sculpture

R. A. Benson: Watercolors

Eric W. Pardy: Paintings

Birds in Art: Paintings & Sculpture

Rie Muñoz: Watercolors

Wolfgang Kaehler: Photographs

The Federation of Canadian Artists: Canadian and English Watercolors

Charlen Jeffery

Frank Tenney Johnson: The Rimrock Years

Walter Graham: Paintings

Don Ricks: Paintings

Michael Gibbons: Paintings

Sharron Lobaugh

Dan and Jon Van Zyle: Paintings

Jacky Yip: Photographs of the Chinese Silk Road

People: The First Decade

Sue Ellen Ross: Paintings and Etchings


Antonio Lopez: Fashion Illustrations

Paintings of Mexico: Ned Mueller, Paul Mullally, Gene Pursel, Mel Fillerup

Robert Sickles: Scrimshaw Art

Take Hama: Paintings

William and Lorraine Phillips: Paintings

Phil Kooser: Paintings

Seattle Co-Arts 36th Annual Show

Boris Krenov: Watercolors of China

“Reflected Images”: A Photographic Adventure by John V. Zuanich

Jean Shadrach: Acrylics & Pastels

Pieter van Veen

Fred and May Marshall

Rod Weagant: Paintings

Lois McFarland: Paintings

C. Taipale-Nurmesniemi: Paintings

Jennifer Bellinger: Batiks

Bob Timberlake: Watercolors


Terrill Stephens: Oils & Pastels

Marvin Tipp: Photography

Rungsun “Sonny” Apinchapong: Paintings

Philippine Portraits: Faces of the Tribal People

Nicolas Spanovic: Sculptures

Juan Losada

Yasu Eguchi

Renoir: Paintings from 1870 to 1914

Portraits by Margaret Holland Sargent

Robert Scriver: Bronzes

Homer O. Hacker: Celebrating Childhood

Honoré Daumier

19th & 20th Century American Works from the Frye Collection

5 Alaskan Artists: Sydney Laurence, Eustace Ziegler, Ted Lambert, Rusty Heurlin, Fred Machetanz

Washington State Photography Exhibition to China

Jim Knutson: Watercolors


Australian Aboriginal Art

China from Within: Contemporary Chinese Photographs

Ned Mueller: Paintings

The Spokane Watercolor Society

Frye Accessions: 19th & 20th Century American Artists

Contemporaries: New Art from Finland

Dagfinn Bakke: Ink Paintings, Watercolors & Prints

William R. Haddon: Paintings

William Carroll: Ivory Carvings

Jon Van Zyle: Alaskan Artist

Fred W. Thomas: Paintings

Art Wolfe: Photographs and Paintings


Stanley W. Galli: The Early Californians

Lucy Liu: Chinese Ink & Watercolors

R. A. Benson

Calligraphy and Design by Margaret Adams

Terry J. Melvin: Watercolors & Sketches

Holland Porcelain

Adam Wleklinski: The Art of Wycinanka

Dr. Charles M. Rice: A Retrospective of Fifty Years of Photography

Jeffry W. Myers: Photography

Dimensions: Felt

George and Satsuko Hamilton

Santiago de Santiago: Sculpture

Contemporary Spanish Artists

5 Western Washington Women Artists: Shirley Anderson, Pat Fridell, Dixie Rogerson, Eve Shaw, Sarah Teofanov

Dr. Howard Dale: Sculptures in Bronze

Homer Hacker: Irish Faces and Places

Josef Scaylea: Photographs

Frye Art Museum 30th Anniversary Exhibition


Romanian Folk Art

Thomas W. Wells: Marine Paintings

Oaxaca Scene: Ramon Kelley, William Reese, Lowell Smith, Timothy Stortz

Lui-San Wong: Watercolors

Hella Skowronski: Master Weaver

Tim Girvin: Master Calligrapher

Bill C. Ray: Drawings, Paintings, Lithographs

German Paintings from the Frye Collection

Fred Marshall and May Marshall

Nancy Taylor Stonington: Watercolors

Frye Accessions: Leon Gaspard and Nicolai Fechin

Lisel Salzer: Enamels

The World of Simon Lissim: Stage Design

A Dream of Riches: Japanese-Canadians 1877–1977

Yvonne Mozée: Photographs

Rie Muñoz: Paintings

Jamie Wyeth: The Stray

Robert Kimbo: Wood Carvings

Mark King: Oil Paintings

Art Wolfe: Images in Nature


Lucille Hall Hulburt: Watercolors

Winter Scenes: Accessions

Federation of Canadian Artists

Women Painters of Washington: 50th Anniversary Exhibition

Fred Machetanz: Lithographs

Floral Paintings by Hahn Vidal

Chen Chi Retrospective Exhibition

James W. Washington: Sculpture & Paintings

Josef Scaylea: Photography

Eva Pokorny: Monotypes

Sydney Laurence: Mt. McKinley

Edna Tucker Wilder: Alaskan Painter and Sculptor

Paintings by Stan Miller

Frye Accessions

Eustace P. Ziegler

Newman Myrah: Salmon Fishing

Les Perhacs: Wildlife Sculptures

Poster Art in Poland: 1899–1978

Angela Crawley: Indian Portraits

Joseph Thornbrugh: Montana Wildlife