Past Exhibitions (1990–1999)


John Swihart: A Place Apart

Rie Muñoz at the Frye: One Hundred Original Watercolors

Kristin Capp: Hutterite Photographs

Art in the Age of Queen Victoria: Treasures from the Royal Academy of Arts

Viewpoints 9: At 60: Norman Lundin Landscapes and Still Lifes

Thomas William Jones: Three Decades of Watercolor

John Register: A Retrospective

Earthscape: Artists in Alaska’s Copper River Delta

A Visual Reflection: Photographs by Richard Buswell

Celebrating Women in the Arts

Carlo Maria Mariani: The Mysterious Enchantment of Beauty

The Hermitage Group: Paintings from the Russian Soul

Carol Anthony: A Place of Inner Stillness

Viewpoints 8: Steven Assael: A Decade of Painting and Drawing

Carol Mothner: The Contemplative Object

Robert Henri and His Circle: Selections from the Permanent Collection

William Keith: California’s Poet Painter


Looking at People Looking at Art: Photographs by Marvin Albert

Saga of the West: Selections from the Charles M. Russell Museum

The Russian Connection: Nicolai Fechin, Leon Gaspard, and Sergei Bongart

Snuff Bottles

Melville Holmes: Old Master Dialogues

Children of the Yellow Kid: The Evolution of the American Comic Strip

Viewpoints 7: Stan Washburn: Museum Images and A Moral Alphabet of Vice and Folly

Jessica Dunne: Monotypes

Director’s Choice: American & European Masters from the Museum Collections

Another Look: The Paintings of Pieter van Veen

Alphonse Mucha: The Spirit of Art Nouveau

Viewpoints 6: Elisse Pogofsky-Harris: Spirits, Wolves & Metaphors

Janette K. Hopper: Images of Conscience

First Impressions: Drawings and Watercolors from the Permanent Collections

Celebrating American Poetry


Viewpoints 5: David Ligare: The Classical Impulse

William Allik: Contemporary Parables

The Circle of Lyon: 7 French Painter of Reality

Viewpoints 4: Andrew Raftery: The Narrative Impulse

Black on White: Graphic Art from the Museum Collections


The Lure of Alaska: Paintings, Watercolors, and Graphics from the Permanent Collection

Leslie Morgan: Nectar of Night Seed of Day

Viewpoints 3: George Fischer: Passages

The Art of Vaslav Nijinsky

Silent Voices: Art of the Fremont Culture

Viewpoints 2: Richard Whitten: Invisible Cities

American Masters from the Permanent Collection

Byron Bratt: Mezzotints

Contemporary American Marine Art: American Society of Marine Artists

Czech and Slovak Photography: From Between the Wars to the Present

Michael Flanagan: Trains of Thought

American Art from the Currier Gallery of Art

Viewpoints 1: Melissa Weinman: Saints’ Stories

The Prints of Roi Partridge

An American Dynasty: Three Generations of Art by the Wyeth Family

Two American Visionaries: Ralph Blakelock and Elliott Daingerfield

Old Master Existentialism: Recent Paintings by Odd Nerdrum

May 21, 1995–February 8, 1997

Museum closed for expansion


Fred Oldfield: Paintings

James W. Washington Jr.: Sculpture & Paintings

Josef Scaylea: Photographs

Antique Anatolian Textiles

R. T. Wallen: Stone Lithographs

Art and the Animal

The Society of Animal Artists:

American Accessions from the Permanent Collection (Homer, Sargent, Eakins)


Alex Young: Watercolors

New Statements in Sterling: National Student Sterling Design Competition

James Bisignano: Acrylics

Constantine Cherkas: Paintings

Northwest Poets and Artists Calendar Exhibition

Janaan Kitchen: Batiks

Edgardo Lantin: Portraits

M. C. Poulsen

Arctic Spirit: 35 Years of Canadian Inuit Art

The Art of Jon Van Zyle

The Sculpture of Everett Dupen

Brilliant Stories: Narrative Jewelry

Gennady Pavlishin & Petr Markovich: Contemporary Art of Siberia and Ukraine

Judy Treman: Watercolors

The Russian Art of Building in Wood

Carol Hartsock: Faces of Reality


5 Travelers: Paula Cuneo, Joan Grout, Peggy Jacobs, Dot Stanton, Priscilla Wiles

Michi Osaka

Paul and Matthew Buckner: Sculpture & Drawings

Del Gish: Paintings

Polish Paintings: From the Collection of Tom Podl

Three Chinese Painters: Rongxu Long, Z. Z. Wei, Xiaogang Zhu

The Art of Diamonds

Ned Mueller Group: Paintings of Guatemala and Mexico

Bud Richardson: Photographs of Russia

Watercolors from the Permanent Collection

Ted Rand: Illustrations for Children’s Books

Fred Oldfield: Oil Paintings

Ann Stockdale: Watercolors, Oils & Acrylics


Betty Weber: Ceramics & Watercolors

Judith Campion: Portraits in Graphite

Rie Muñoz: Original Watercolors

Take Hama: Visual Impressions through Oils, Gouache & Acrylic

The Cutting Edge: Enamel for Wall and Pedestal

Michael Ferguson: Oil Paintings, Acrylics & Pastels

William F. Reese: Oil Paintings, Watercolors & Bronzes

Prazdnik: Russian Art from Kazan

Ann Miletich Warder: Watercolor & Collage

French and American Impressionist Paintings from the Permanent Collection


Alex Young: Watercolors

Hulan Fleming: Oil Paintings

John Encinias: Paintings

Sunny Apinchapong Yang and Ron Lukas

Tapestry Artists of Puget Sound

Judith McCabe Renner

Arts for the Parks: 4th Annual Contest

Norma Nelson: Porcelains

Carol Weiss: Watercolors

Walt Kuhn: Paintings: An Imaginary History of the West

Tim Holmes Sculpture: The Creative Process

Art from Leningrad

Josef Scaylea Photographs: My Northwest

Judy Odell: Paintings

Eric P. Brakken: Icons of Antiquity and New Vessels

Frank W. Englesby: Rings of Promise


Carl Funseth: Oil Paintings of the Northwest

Mary N. Balcomb: Etchings

Teo Dicicco

Ray Sandberg: Oil Paintings of Alaskan Scenes and Landscapes

Miniatures Artists of America

Michi Osaka

Two Northwest Artists: Martha Scannell & Sally Strom Adams

Homer O. Hacker: Faces and Fiords: An Artist’s View of Scandinavia Watercolors

Luke Powell: The Afghan Folio

Eileen Monaghan Whitaker: Watercolors of Guatemala and Mexico

The Empire That Was Russia: A Photographic Record by Sergei Prokudin-Gorsky

Voices: New Works by Northwest Calligraphers

Janet Hardin: Watercolor, Oil & Acrylic Paintings

Larger Than Life Art Project