Upcoming Exhibitions

February 2–July 24, 2022

Recent Acquisitions: Jeffry Mitchell

Describing himself as a “gay folk artist,” Jeffry Mitchell rejects the irony and elitism often associated with the art world. In this focused presentation, Snowflake Drawing #5 (Double Lotus Pod) recalls the symmetrical designs of childhood craft projects and exhibits the artist’s expressionistic, highly personal visual language.

February 5–May 15, 2022

Christopher Paul Jordan and Arnaldo James: In the Interim (Ritual Ground for a Future Black Archive)

Building upon an ongoing dialogue between two artists of the African diaspora—Christopher Paul Jordan from the United States and Arnaldo James from Trinidad and Tobago—In the Interim explores Black futurity and presents a vision of shared experience across the spatial and temporal dimensions of the diasporic world.

February 12–June 5, 2022

Christina Quarles

Los Angeles–based artist Christina Quarles paints bodies that are subjected not only to the weight and gravity of the physical world but also to the pleasures and pressures of the social realm. Her evocative scenes feature ambiguous figures whose limbs, torsos, and faces merge with familiar domestic objects made strange through unexpected color choices and experimental painterly gestures. Organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, this exhibition is the largest presentation of Quarles’s work to date.

April 23–October 16, 2022

Boren Banner Series: Stefan Gonzales

Seattle-based artist Stefan Gonzales investigates the lives of ordinary objects through photography, sculpture, and installation. For the next iteration of the Boren Banner Series, Gonzales will gather similarly sized samples of unaltered materials like quarry stone, photograph them in their home studio, and create a compilation of these photographs that functions as a provisional archive.

June 25–September 18, 2022

Romare Bearden: Abstraction

Organized by the American Federation of Arts and the Neuberger Museum of Art of Purchase College, SUNY, Romare Bearden: Abstraction is the first in-depth examination of Romare Bearden’s engagement with abstraction. Comprised of approximately fifty-five paintings, works on paper, and collages by the ground-breaking African American artist, the exhibition contextualizes this important, but relatively unknown, body of abstract work alongside Bearden’s widely celebrated figurative collages.

October 8, 2022–January 8, 2023

Srijon Chowdhury

Portland-based artist Srijon Chowdhury’s dreamlike oil paintings, which often assume architectural dimensions or forms, consider the present moment as part of a larger mythology. Dense with detail and radiant color, they bring unanticipated twists to traditional genres, including the vanitas still life, biblical scenes, and family portraiture. For his presentation at the Frye—his first solo museum exhibition—Chowdhury will create a suite of six large-scale paintings, each corresponding to a single feature of the face. The Frye will publish a catalogue to accompany the exhibition.

October 15, 2022–October 15, 2023

THE THIRD, MEANING: ESTAR(SER) Installs the Frye Collection

What do works of art want from us? They want our attention. Can we make their fantasy come true? In this dreamlike exhibition of selected works from the Frye’s collection, the research collective ESTAR(SER) invites visitors to explore the many ways attention bridges the gap separating artworks and their viewers. Attention is what stands between — the third thing in every encounter of eye and world.