Frye Families: Muncha! Muncha! Muncha!

Small Frye is a free monthly program for preschoolers and their caregivers. If you are not able to attend, you can check back here every month for a different artmaking activity inspired by the story. To learn more about the program, including how to register, visit our program page.    

By Lila Thomas

In March, we read Muncha! Muncha! Muncha! by Candace Fleming and G. Brian Karas. 

Watch the video and reflect on the story with your child using the questions below.


What are some things that grow in gardens?   

How many different kinds of vegetables can you name?  

Picture some fruits and vegetables. What shapes and colors are they?   

What are your favorite fruits and vegetables to eat? 

How did Mr. McGreely feel when the rabbits ate his crops?  

How does it feel to share with others?  



For this Small Frye art activity, we will be creating a farmers market by making fruits and veggies using model magic clay, and then sharing the bounty with others! 🌾🥕🍅🌿 

The materials you’ll need:  

  • Model Magic clay, in several colors 

  • Rolling pins 

  • Plastic kids’ clay tools kit 

  • Pint molded pulp berry baskets 

Photo of clay tools and balls of modeling clay and a clay carrot

First, get comfortable with the model magic clay by learning how to make basic forms: a sphere, flattened circle, tube, and cylinder. You may demonstrate for your Small Frye how to manipulate the clay materials using different hand gestures and techniques; for instance, rolling palms together to create a ball or placing the ball on a flat surface and rolling repeatedly under the hands to create a tube. The clay can be molded with hands and rolling pins, and marks can be made using plastic clay tools.  

Photo of a ball of orange modeling clay and a carrot made from modeling clay

Once kids feel comfortable molding the clay, you may demonstrate how to sculpt a vegetable, such as a carrot. If certain colors aren’t available, you can mix two colors together to create special hues! 

Photo of blueberries, lettuce, and a carrot made from modeling clay on a surface next to some green molded pulp berry baskets

Continue by creating other vegetables or fruits, such as blueberries, lettuce, peas, or strawberries. Encourage kids to create an abundance of fruits and vegetables, so that there is enough to share! Gather the fruits and vegetables into the molded pulp berry baskets.  

Photo of fruits and vegetables made of modeling clay on a table beside green molded pulp berry baskets

Gather everyone together at a table to share produce from their baskets. Each Small Frye should aim to share one piece of fruit or vegetable with someone else.

Photo of fruits and vegetables made of modeling clay in a green molded pulp berry basket

In the spirit of this activity, we, the Frye Teaching Artists, are happy to share recommendations for some family-friendly farms to visit or volunteer with: Tilth Alliance + Rainier Beach Urban Wetlands, Kubota Garden, Yes Farm, Beacon Food Forest, Solid Ground, and Braided Seeds.  


Happy farming, Small Fryes!