Working Artists: The Future of Field Trips with Connie Fu (she/her), Lynda Belt (she/her), and Lila Thomas (she/they)

This series highlights working artists currently on staff at the Frye Art Museum. The Frye has a wealth of talented Seattle-based artists working under its roof in many different capacities, each with their own dedicated arts practice outside of their work at the museum. Facilitated and written by Alexis L. Silva, Curatorial Assistant, this series is meant to highlight and celebrate these individuals, showcasing their amazing work and arts practices.

By Alexis L. Silva

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the fabric of our everyday reality. QR codes are now a norm, Zoom gatherings are a no-brainer, and sometimes you get the opportunity to work from your couch. It’s almost comedic to think back to a time before the pandemic where our quality of life felt so fast-paced with no room to breathe. While the pandemic was difficult in so many different ways, it also forced us to slow down, to be graceful to one another, and to look at how we live our daily lives.

During the pandemic, institutions all around the world lost in-person educational programming that many communities look forward to every year. One that I am sure we all look forward to is field trips. Whether it’s a field trip to the local pea patch, the Pacific Science Center, or the neighborhood brewery for happy hour, any time learning outside of the classroom and/or office is always well-received. The Frye Art Museum is happy to announce that after a three-year hiatus, we are officially bringing back field trips! To help facilitate these programs, we recently hired three new teaching artists. Please join us in welcoming Connie Fu, Lynda Belt, and back again for a second time, Lila Thomas!

Please note, the pronouns stated for Lila in the video below are incorrect. We acknowledge the mistake and ask that our audience proceed knowing that Lila’s preferred pronouns are She/They.

About the Artists