Figure Drawing at the Frye with Unwrapped Collaborative

A photo of a persons hand sketching on a piece of paper on a clipboard

Photo: courtesy of Unwrapped Collaborative

Unwrapped Collaborative and the Frye Art Museum are proud to offer artists of all experience levels an opportunity to strengthen their gesture/life drawing skills and connect with fellow creatives in the local arts community. A rotating roster of professional figure models will be posing nude for a variety of time limits, ranging from one to fifteen minutes,with breaks and an intermission. Snacks are available. Participants must be 18+ years of age.

There will be no formal instruction; however, the organizers are highly experienced with life drawing and will be available to assist with informal tips and tricks upon request. To ensure our professional models are paid fairly, we are not accepting refunds.

Registration is required to attend, and participants must follow our code of conduct.

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Please note, by registering for this event you agree to follow our code of conduct. We reserve the right to refuse future admission to folks who have made our community feel unsafe.

Code of Conduct

  • No photos of the model permitted
  • Phones on silent and stowed out of sight during poses
  • Inappropriate communication about or towards the model or other attendees will not be tolerated
  • Treat museum studio property with respect and clean up any messes made
  • Return all borrowed art supplies