The Birds and The Trunk

How do we attend to objects? What do they teach us about how they wish to receive the attention we give them? The artist-researchers of ESTAR(SER) have focused on these problems for decades, and created a body of work that invites each of us to take more time with the art we love.  

On March 8, 2023, Max Taylor-Milner, one of the ESTAR(SER) contributors to THE THIRD, MEANING exhibition, offered a short reading from the related Frye Trunk study Opening a Pandora’s Box in the Archives of Attention (2022). 

About the Presenter 

Maxwell Taylor-Milner is an artist and designer based in New York. Their work seeks to encode complex skeins of meaning in deceptively simple envelopes, militating against capitalist logics of speed, efficiency, and distraction. For them, discovery is its own kind of delight.  


The Esthetical Society for Transcendental and Applied Realization (now incorporating the Society of Esthetic Realizers) is an established body of private, independent scholars and amateurs who work collectively to recover, scrutinize, and (where relevant) draw attention to the historicity of the so-called Avis Tertia, or “Order of the Third Bird.”