Creative Aging Art-Making Tips: Getting Ready for Art-Making

A new video series featuring teaching artist Janet Fagan, offering a variety of tips for care partners who are interested in art-making experiences for older adults and people living with dementia at home. 

This post offers ideas on how you can prepare your space and materials for art-making at home. You can watch the video segments, or download PDFs with written tips. Happy making!

Making an Art Station at Home 

Learn how to make an effective art station to enjoy creative exploration and experimentation with your family member or friend. 


Download the Tips for Making an Art Station

Staying Clean 

Learn about different ways to stay clean during art-making with your family member or friend.  

Download the Tips on Staying Clean

Preparing Materials

Learn more about how to prepare different types of materials ahead of time for a range of art projects, such as collage, clay sculptures, or a watercolor painting. Having prepared materials can be especially helpful if your family member or friend needs extra encouragement or support on the day that you will be making art.