Spray Bottle Painting Activity

Designed to encourage creative exploration and experimentation, this activity makes use of materials that can be found at home or a grocery store. You will create unique compositions by treating ink or juices from fruits and vegetables like paint and/or using organic materials as a resist. Follow along using the video demonstration above or instructions below. You can also download the lesson plan.



  • Scissors

  • Several sheets of paper (any of these could work: copy paper, sketch book paper,

    index cards, cardboard, file folders)

  • Spray bottle – one for each color used (can be a spray bottle for the garden, household cleaner bottle, or hairspray bottle that is empty and clean)

  • Can of beets in juice or any berries (frozen and thawed)

  • Black Sumi or India ink

  • Paper towels

  • Cotton swabs

  • Organic shapes like leaves, flowers or grasses (optional)

  • Colored pencils, pens, markers and glue stick (optional)


Activity Instructions

  1. Collect leaves, flower petals, grasses, or other flat, natural items.

  2. If you’re using fruits or vegetables, use a colander to drain the juice into separate bowls.

  3. Pour juices and/or ink into separate, clean spray bottles.

  4. Cut about a dozen different shapes out of paper.

  5. Select a shape (natural item or paper) and lay it on the paper.

  6. Spray your color over the shape and lift it off.

  7. Repeat with different shapes and colors until you are happy with the composition.

  8. Optional: After paintings are dry, add more details and/or color with crayons, markers, pens, or colored pencils. Collage the shapes you cut out onto your composition using glue if desired.