Supporter Spotlight: Ramsey Haefner (He/Him/His)

Frye Art Museum supporter, Ramsey Haefner, standing with a ceramic piece at an art show

Supporter Spotlight is a feature where we shine a light on our members and donors to learn about their connections to the Frye and why they support the Museum. 

Ramsey Haefner – a Frye Young Supporter member since 2020 – is a Seattle-based animator and illustrator. In college, he found inspiration attending monthly art walks, frequenting galleries, and visiting museums. Since that time, he says, “I am most drawn to art that encompasses you and transports you to a world – or shade of the world – that the creator forms. As a digital artist, I get very energized by witnessing new and unexpected expressions of ideas, worlds, lives, and perspectives. I find it super important to my life to make time to see something new, something that shakes me out of my everyday rhythms, and takes me to a new set of thoughts. Art can change the way you see the places, spaces, and people you’re around.” 

Since moving to Seattle in 2015, The Frye has been a cornerstone of Ramsey’s arts experiences. “The Frye is not only my main neighborhood museum, but one that I can recommend to anyone visiting. I know that there will be something for anyone there, be it immersive contemporary installations, or a detailed and technically stunning classical painting of a cow.” 

Ramsey adds that his appreciation for the Frye is rooted in its accessibility and curatorial vision. “I support the Frye because it creates approachable access to an amazing variety of art. The fact that the museum is free makes it so easy to regularly visit and to bring other friends. The shows themselves are always super high quality and often artists I had not heard of before; I find so much inspiration every time I visit from pieces that I had never seen before and did not expect.” 

Remembering a time that encapsulates his love of the Frye, Ramsey recalls, “In 2018 I was walking from downtown towards Capitol Hill and I ran into a friend I hadn’t caught up with for a couple years. We grabbed a nice impromptu lunch and didn’t have any plans at all so we decided to just swing by The Frye to see what was showing. The show that we walked into was Tavares Strachan: Always, Sometimes, Never, and it absolutely blew my mind. The exhibition was so surrounding and built into the space that we really got lost in the art. It was very striking. The fact that the galleries were filled with massive water pools reflecting the illuminated pieces was stunning and really impressed me with the lengths the museum would clearly go to create a fantastic experience.” 

Speaking to his experience as a member, he says, “I’ve really enjoyed being a member because the member events are such a great push to get me out and into the museum and interacting with other folks who appreciate the space like I do. I’ve met rad new people and reconnected with other friends I have not seen in months if not years. Good times!” 

Thank you for sharing your story, Ramsey!  

If you would like to connect with Ramsey and see his work, you can visit his website here