Supporter Spotlight: Jackson Ridl (He/Him/His)


Supporter Spotlight is a feature where we shine a light on our members and donors to learn about their connections to the Frye and why they support the Museum.


Jackson Ridl


Jackson Ridl is an artist and First Hill resident who recently joined the Frye as a Young Supporter. He spoke to us about his own creative pursuits and how they brought him to the Frye.

“The art I'm focused on right now is to update Seattle's city flag…[it’s] is an incredibly tangible way to engage our community with art and teach them how the art we experience influences the way we see the world and the way we see ourselves,” Jackson explains. “My intention for [the flag design] is to create something that makes us all feel connected to each other using a visual medium to do so.” 

“Art is absolutely one of the most important things in our culture worth cherishing. I see art as a way to communicate to others and express our most authentic self. When we are able to communicate beyond just words, it allows for a different depth of understanding, and I find it absolutely beautiful that you're able to create a deeper connection like that, because we all desire those deep meaningful relationships.” 

“One of the first things I did after moving [to First Hill] was to go to all the museums in my neighborhood and become a member. I see my support of the Frye as a way to support a local institution and give others the opportunity to connect with art. I think we are all responsible for working towards creating the world we want to live in, one that is beneficial to everyone—therefore, I see my support as one way of me helping create the community I want to live in.” 

In July 2021, Jackson attended our first Young Supporters Happy Hour and recounted how enjoyable and meaningful the experience was for him: “I walked in, not knowing anyone, and talked to the membership team. They were so kind and helped me immediately make a connection with someone they knew I'd be interested in talking to. I spent the rest of the evening with the group I was engaging with, time melting away and our evening together coming to an end far too quickly. I'm still friends with the people I met that night.”  Thanks so much for your community-building support, Jackson!

Guests mingling at the Young Supporters Happy Hour, July 29, 2021. Photo: Julia Kuskin

Guests mingling at the Young Supporters Happy Hour, July 29, 2021. Photo: Julia Kuskin 



If you are interested in joining as a Young Supporter or gifting a membership to someone else, you can learn more on the Frye’s Join page or by contacting Alex Zeiler, Membership and Events Manager.