Supporter Spotlight: Sofia Cababa Wood (She/Her/Hers)

A headshot of a woman with short hair in a gray sweater
Sofia Cababa Wood

Seattle native and UX designer Sofia Cababa Wood relates to the world and explores her creativity through art. “When I was a kid, I was always making things with my hands. Always drawing. Always crafting,” she says. Sofia regularly visited museums during her childhood, eagerly taking in all the art on display. “After moving to the Netherlands from Seattle when I was eight, I was really lucky to have access to museums with some of the most amazing art in the world. I remember going on my own to see works by Rembrandt and Vermeer, and feeling inspired. Museums gave me independence as a kid, and I have cherished them ever since”.

A painted self-portrait of Sofia
A self-portrait Sofia made in high school using acrylic paints. Photo: Sofia Cababa Wood.

Sofia’s love of the Frye began after returning to Seattle to pursue design at the University of Washington. “I'm a bit embarrassed to admit how long it took me to step into the Frye,” she confesses. “The first time I went to the Frye was a few years ago. It was so special. I feel lucky to have an institution that supports up-and-coming, local, and diverse artists. Plus, it’s the perfect size. You can enjoy every little bit of the art without being overwhelmed.”

Recent exhibition Hanako O’Leary: Izanami, which featured ceramic vessels and masks created by the Seattle artist, left a lasting impression on Sofia: “I often think about the sculptures in that show. I love her use of ceramics as a medium—so expressive and playful, yet profoundly serious. I love how she celebrates, but also plays with, the female form and the whole breadth of the female experience. It was so, so fun.”

“As someone who lives in Seattle and plans to live here for a long time, I really want to make sure that I am supporting institutions that are meaningful to me and that are important to the city. The Frye is definitely one of those places. I decided to become a monthly donor because it’s such an easy way to support [the museum]. Knowing that my contributions go towards the exhibitions that have inspired me, and directly support artists, really reinforces that even my small monthly gift can have a big impact.”

Thank you for sharing your story, Sofia!

You can check out Sofia’s design portfolio on her website.

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