Pas de Trois: The Music of Attention and the Frye Trunk

Pas de Trois: The Music of Attention and the Frye Trunk

Performance-Lecture and Gallery Walk-Through

Join ESTAR(SER) researcher, artist, scholar, and member of the Frye Trunk Conservation Committee, Catherine L. Hansen for a deep and interactive dive into the history of the Frye Trunk and THE THIRD, MEANING exhibition.  

THE THIRD, MEANING focuses on what might happen when we attend to artworks not singly or in pairs but in threes. The artist-researchers of ESTAR(SER) who designed the exhibition thought deeply about how people attend to the things and objects of the world.

For this event, visiting scholar-artist Catherine Hansen—one of the ESTAR(SER) contributors to THE THIRD, MEANING—takes on the rich and unexplored possibilities for lending attention to several things at once, and invites participants to take part. Following the presentation in the auditorium, she will be joined by Brad Fox, fellow ESAR(SER) collaborator to visit the galleries, where attendees will have the opportunity to visit the Trunk and the entire exhibition in person with continued discussions and explorations of the artworks on display. 

About the Presenters  

Catherine L. Hansen is a scholar and artist based at the University of Tokyo. She writes on global surrealism and the European avant-garde and is a co-editor of In Search of the Third Bird: Exemplary Essays from The Proceedings of ESTAR(SER), 2001-2021 (Strange Attractor/MIT, 2021).  

Brad Fox is the author of The Bathysphere Book: Effects of the Luminous Ocean Depths (Astra House, 2023) and To Remain Nameless (Rescue Press, 2020). His work has appeared has appeared in The New Yorker, The Paris Review Daily, and The Public Domain Review


The Esthetical Society for Transcendental and Applied Realization (now incorporating the Society of Esthetic Realizers) is an established body of private, independent scholars and amateurs who work collectively to recover, scrutinize, and (where relevant) draw attention to the historicity of the so-called Avis Tertia, or “Order of the Third Bird.” 

Pas de Trois: The Music of Attention and the Frye Trunk

Performance-Lecture and Gallery Walk-Through

An illustration depicting a bird screen-printed over musical notation

One of a series of “dancing bird” cards, which have come to light in connection with the Frye Trunk, each depicting a bird screen-printed over the footwork diagram (and melodic strain) of a late seventeenth- or early eighteenth-century minuet. Image courtesy of ESTAR(SER).

June 02, 2023

5:30 pm - 7:15 pm

Frye Art Museum
704 Terry Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104


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