Yes, And: Photographic Center Northwest

Yes, And: Photographic Center Northwest

We’re thrilled to partner with Photographic Center Northwest (PCNW) as part of their Agent for Change series to offer a one-day workshop exploring Stephanie Syjuco: After/Images. Participants will visit the galleries at the Frye Art Museum, guided by Associate Curator Georgia Erger, and discuss the ideas and themes of the exhibition. Participants will then travel to PCNW and work with teaching artist Elisabeth Vasquez Hein to create photo collage-based works of their own inspired by After/Images.

This workshop explores the relationship between the visual record and the way we view our ancestral inheritance and cultural identities. We will look at photo-based work that integrates historical and family archives, while considering which voices have been present in (or erased from) photographic histories. How are artists responding to generational/collective trauma and racialized histories? What narratives have been constructed through a dominant culture and what narratives belong to us? How can we reshape and reclaim narratives in our creative processes?  

We will reflect on our own photographic voices, identify archives and sources of narrative central to our identities, and experiment with writing and its relationship to our visual expression. The workshop will culminate in participants making and sharing their own photo-based collage. 

Because of the focus of the workshop, BIPOC artists are especially encouraged to participate.

Participants will need to provide their own transportation to and from PCNW. Registration for this event will be managed through the PCNW website. 

About the Partner

Photographic Center Northwest is a place for everyone to explore the photographic arts. They promote lifelong learning and creativity through resources and programs that inspire and empower. 

About the Program

The Frye’s Yes, And series invites Seattle’s thinkers, movers, and makers to share their perspectives on current exhibitions while offering a new and related experience that draws on their unique areas of expertise.

This workshop is presented in partnership with Photographic Center Northwest.

Stephanie Syjuco: After/Images is organized by Georgia Erger, Associate Curator.

Generous support provided by the City of Seattle Office of Arts & Culture and Frye Members. Media sponsorship provided by the International Examiner.

Yes, And: Photographic Center Northwest

Gallery installation with photos, printed fabric, artificial plants, large human figures, and other mixed media on a wooden platform

Stephanie Syjuco. Dodge and Burn (Visible Storage), 2019. Wooden platform, digital photos and printed vinyl on laser-cut wood, chroma-key fabric, printed backdrops, seamless paper, artificial plants, mixed media. 204 x 240 x 96 in. Courtesy of the artist; Catharine Clark Gallery, San Francisco; RYAN LEE Gallery, New York; and Silverlens Gallery, Manila, Philippines. Installation view, Stephanie Syjuco: Rogue States, Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, September 6–December 29, 2019. Photo: Stephanie Syjuco 

August 10, 2024

12:30–5:30 pm

Frye Art Museum (704 Terry Avenue)
Photographic Center NW (900 12th Avenue)
Seattle, WA


Registration is managed and confirmed by PCNW. Frye Members receive advance notice of programs and performances—become a member today and get the benefit of early registration! 

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