Recent Acquisitions

The Frye Art Museum continues to strategically build its collection through purchases and gifts, both deepening existing areas of strength and diversifying holdings to reflect the museum’s expansive curatorial program and Seattle’s globalized present.

Acquisitions of the last ten years demonstrate the museum’s commitment to growing and contextualizing its distinctive historical collections of late nineteenth- and twentieth-century European and American art while broadening its holdings of contemporary works to embrace previously underrepresented identities, perspectives, and forms of expression. To some extent, acquisitions mirror the museum’s exhibition history, creating a material record of the institution’s engagement with local, national, and international artists and commemorating the special audience connection formed through temporary presentations. Contemporary artworks chosen for the collection often respond to or complicate the narratives around mediums and genres traditionally associated with the Frye, like painting, landscape, and portraiture.

TrapDuane Linklater2016
EidolonCris Bruch2015
Hedonic Reversal #7Rodrigo Valenzuela2015
Chemically TannedAlison Bremner2017
Birmingham (left)Toyin Ojih Odutola2014
Birmingham (center)Toyin Ojih Odutola2014
Birmingham (right)Toyin Ojih Odutola2014
Portrait of a womanFritz Hickmann1855
Landscape with ChadAnne Fenton2012
UntitledKo Kirk Yamahira2019
Untitled (XIV)Rafael Soldi2013
Lot 248 (still)Amie Siegel2013
Hedonic Reversal #15Rodrigo Valenzuela2015
Pink on Black GroupKatherine Bradford2022
ButterflyBony Ramirez2021
Madrone + MullanSadie Wechsler2021
Mangahufo' I famaguonGisela McDaniel2021
Night ForestAnn Leda Shapiro2022
Three SlicesAmoako Boafo2021
Black Face with Wide ChestTschabalala Self2021
Becoming MineralClarissa Tossin2021
Landscape #7Matt Browning2012
UntitledDennis Ramsayn.d.
Window InstallationBuster Simpson1974-2013
Mädchen mit Guitare (Girl with Guitar)Bernhard Schneider-Blumberg1914
Bamboo No.17Lockwood Dennis1994
The UnknownOtis Kwame Kye Quaicoe2020
Untitled [Portrait of an elderly woman]Unknown, American1800-1899
Red CarGene Riversca. 1988
Hedonic Reversal #2Rodrigo Valenzuela2015
Painted SilhouetteBuster Simpson1974-2013
Bamboo No.2Jimmy Jet1993
Bamboo No.18Barbara Noah1994
To a FlameAnthony White2019
UntitledHans Dahl1883-1915
Help!Dimitrii S. Moor1921
Hedonic Reversal #3Rodrigo Valenzuela2015
Street ActionBuster Simpson1974-2013
Bamboo No.3Gene Gentry McMahon1993
Bamboo No.19Rebecca Struck1994
Untitled (Badlands)Juventino Aranda2018
UntitledConstant Troyon1860-1865
Hedonic Reversal #1Rodrigo Valenzuela2015
Remember the Starving!Ivan Simakov1921
Occasional PoemsMaged Zaher2015
Hedonic Reversal #4Rodrigo Valenzuela2015
This Is Who We AreInye Wokoma2016
Bamboo No.4Mrs. Crispwick1993
Bamboo No.20Fay Jones1994
EgungunCauleen Smith2015
Get up!Anne Focke2013
ProleRodrigo Valenzuela2015
Hedonic Reversal #5Rodrigo Valenzuela2015
Bamboo No.5Scott Smith1993
Bamboo No.21Michael Spafford1994
Dress for SuccessRose Nestler2018
Tree GuardBuster Simpson1978-2013
Wind JangleLeo Berk2015
Hedonic Reversal #6Rodrigo Valenzuela2015
Karla Kay KeeleyRay Fullmer1952-1957
Bamboo No.6T. Michael Gardiner1993
Bamboo No.22Karen Guzak1994
Strange BusinessRose Nestler2017-2018
UntitledMark Calderon2012
Avatar: Fanon & DeccaC. Davida Ingram2015
Have You Volunteered?Dimitrii S. Moor1920
EcdysisIshmael Butler2015
Hedonic Reversal #8Rodrigo Valenzuela2015
Untitled [Six dogs]Eugène-Joseph Verboeckhoven1858
Bamboo No.7Dennis Evans1993
Bamboo No.23George Tsutakawa1994
Portrait of Erwin WurmJoseph Park2007
Dawn in LuxorKahlil Joseph2016
Hedonic Reversal #9Rodrigo Valenzuela2015
Bamboo No.8Jeffrey Bishop1993
Bamboo No.24Gayle Bard1994
FormationKelly Akashi2021
RiverTim Lowly2004
Hedonic Reversal #10Rodrigo Valenzuela2015
Eat Frye's Baby BeefVictor Steinbrueck1973
Bamboo No.9Mare Blocker1994
Bamboo No.25Carolyn Law1994
Arctic TwilightFred Machetanz1957
Eclipse Tower 1Web Crowell and Stacey Levine2015
Hedonic Reversal #11Rodrigo Valenzuela2015
Bamboo No.10Virginia Paquette1994
Bamboo No.26Nancy Mee1994
After Boucher: UntitledMolly Jae Vaughan2022
The Devil’s PuppetDimitrii S. Moor1920
Bloody Sunday!Unknown1917-1929
Hedonic Reversal #12Rodrigo Valenzuela2015
Waves FloaterRomero Britto2017
Bamboo No.11Mauricio Robalino1994
Inside the TentClaire Fejesca. 1976
Ear (Good)Srijon Chowdhury2022
ClinkersLeo Berk2012
Comrade Lenin Sweeps Away the Filth of the WorldMikhail Cheremnykh and Viktor Deni1920
An Agnostic ManifestoLesley Hazleton2015
Hedonic Reversal #13Rodrigo Valenzuela2015
UntitledThomas Spinks1888
Bamboo No.12C.T. Chew1994
Kahhoaruk of NoatakClaire Fejes1963
Stylite AltarpieceEden Seifu2022
Not Waving, but DrowningJeffry Mitchell2012
Sonnet ManifestoPaul Mullin2015
Hedonic Reversal #14Rodrigo Valenzuela2015
UntitledFritz Chwalan.d.
Bamboo No.13Jose Rodriguez Guerra1994
Sewing MukluksClaire Fejesn.d.
Ground of GroundHarry Gould Harvey IV2022
Hedonic Reversal #16Rodrigo Valenzuela2015
UntitledJulian E. Itterca. 1898
Bamboo No.14Robert Kraftt1994
Adam and Eve DressedJanette K. Hopper1996
For FunKhari Johnson-Ricks2021
Ode to Octavia: Neo-Ancient TaliswomanThe Black Constellation2012
El Sisifo (The Sisyphus)Rodrigo Valenzuela2015
The Final HourUnknown1920
Hedonic Reversal #17Rodrigo Valenzuela2015
Untitled [landscape in snow]Viktor A. Predilca. 1900
Bamboo No.15George Chacona1994
Disaster KitchenMolly Zuckerman-Hartung2008-2011
Ode to Octavia: Cranium Adornment #5The Black Constellation2012
UntitledDennis Ramsayn.d.
Shepherd in the HillsAttributed to Salvator Rosa1625-1675
Berry PickersRie Muñoz1970
Bamboo No.16Julie Paschkis1994
From Sea to DawnRamin Haerizadeh, Rokni Haerizadeh, Hesam Rahmanian2016
Baby BlueAmoako Boafo2021


Kelly Akashi

Chromogenic crystallograph in aluminum artist''s frame


Bamboo No.17

Judith Allen

Letterpress and woodcut


Ode to Octavia Part 12: (Sparkles)...Recollections of the Wraith

Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes

Digital video (color, sound); 4:49 min.


Ode to Octavia: Neo-Ancient Taliswoman

Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes

Incantation, repurposed bronze, brass, silver, stainless steel, rosewood, beechnut, abalone shell, ibex and dik-dik horn, precious and semiprecious stones, 1996 GMC truck key


Ode to Octavia: Cranium Adornment #5

Maikoiyo Alley-Barnes

Composited bone, enamel, found goggles


Forward in the Defense of the Urals!

Aleksander Apsit

Poster reproduction


Defend Petrograd with Your Own Life!

Aleksander Apsit

Poster reproduction


Untitled (Badlands)

Juventino Aranda

Oil on wool Pendleton blanket


Bamboo No.6

Gretchen Adele Armstrong

Letterpress and lithograph